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BizBuilder is a home Entrepreneurial and Digital Innovation initiative. That sounds like a mouthful? Well, for over 10 years now we have been involved in Web Hosting and Design, but we have also been doing various other entrepreneurial endeavours. This site will be our home as we try and grow this venture.










Bitcoin and Ethereum

Many of you have heard a friend talk about Bitcoin. You may have heard facts like 1000% increase in value, bubble, Ponzi Scheme etc… The fact of the matter is that Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology that CryptoCurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are built on are here to stay and disrupt the financial institutions and the world.

Right now (end of 2017) Bitcoin has seen unprecedented growth of 1700% over the coarse of 2017, raising from R11000 in Jan 2017 to R263000 in December 2017. That kind of growth would have made us all rich. I have no doubt in my mind that at some point the market will correct and the price will come down. Until such time there is still room to make some money. Even 20% increase on your investment will be better than putting that R1000 in a fixed deposit. The secret is to only invest what you can comfortably afford to loose should “The Bubble” crash, keep reading and tracking the markets, and keep watching the value of your coin. If you are smart, then you can still make some money.

In South Africa we have 2 options of Exchanges where we can use Rand to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum. These exchanges allow you to EFT Rand to a wallet and then convert this the Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Click either of the links below to register for a free Wallet to start trading in Cryptocurrency. Both links will reward you for your first investment.

Luno and Ice3X

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